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TitleDescription Quantity

Coffee Mate Creamer
Coffee mate creamer. 180 ct

Cream Canisters
12 oz powdered cream canisters. For a case, order 24.

Equal. Box of 500

Grindstone Cream Packets
Cream packets. 900ct

Jumbo Straws
10 1/4" individually wrapped jumbo straws

Minimoo Amaretto
Amaretto minimoos. 180ct

Minimoo Creamer
Minimoo creamer. 384ct

Minimoo Hazelnut
Hazelnut minimoos. 180ct

Mnimoo French Vanilla
French Vanilla minimoos. 180ct

Powdered Cream Packets
Cream packets. 1000ct

Splenda. Box of 500

Stir Sticks 5″
5" stir sticks. 1000ct

Stir Sticks 7″
7" stir sticks. 1000ct

7 3/4 " wrapped plastic straws

Sugar Canister
20oz Sugar canister. For a case, order 24

Sugar Packets
Sugar packets. Case of 2000

Sweet’N Low box of 400
Sweet'N Low. Box of 400

Sweet’N Low case of 2000
Sweet'N Low. Case of 2000

Truvia Sweetner. Box of 300

Cups& Lids

TitleDescription Quantity

Coffe Cup Jackets
Coffee cup jackets. Case of 1000

Foam Cups 10oz
Foam cups 10oz. Case of 1000

Foam Cups 12oz
Foam cups 12oz. Case of 1000

Lids 10oz Foam Cup
Lids for 10oz foam cups. Case of 1000

Lids 10oz Paper Cup
Lids for 10oz paper cups. Case of 1000

Lids 12oz Foam Cup
Lids for 12oz foam cups. Case of 1000

Paper Cup 10oz Hot
Hot paper cups 10oz. Case of 1000

Paper Cup 4oz Cone
Paper cup cone 4oz. Case of 5000

Paper Cups 16oz Cold
Cold paper cups 16oz. Case of 1000

Paper Cups 5oz Cold
Cold paper cups 5oz. Case of 2500

Plastic Cup 16oz
Cold plastic cup 16oz. Case of 1000