At Stomel Services, we stand behind our belief that we need to preserve our planet. With that in mind, we started our Stomel Goes Green program. Stomel Goes Green is an initiative throughout our whole organization to reduce our carbon footprint. We are consistently looking for ways to improve upon our already substantial green program.


Our fleet consists of environmentally friendly clean diesel trucks. In an effort to even further limit our carbon footprint, we use state of the art software to route our trucks in the most efficient way possible. This allows for us to service your account properly, while reducing our fuel and energy consumption.

Every piece of equipment that we install is 5-Star Energy Efficient and National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) certified. The result? Lower energy consumption while still accomplishing the goal.

We recycle all of our cardboard, and all refrigerants are reclaimed from any chilled equipment no longer in use.

These are a few of the ways that Stomel Services is trying to create a healthier world for tomorrow.