markets micro


Having a market installed and maintained by Stomel Services gives your employees access to healthy, freshly prepared foods and refreshments, 24/7. Micro Markets consist of a self-checkout kiosk, and offer an immense amount of snacks, beverages, and refreshments traditionally not offered in a vending machine. Since Micro Markets aren’t tied to the bounds set by a vending machine, the selection of items offered are limitless.
Markets are open concept, allowing for your employees to pick up items and read nutritional facts, all before purchasing the item. Once an employee selects their item or items, they simply go to the self-checkout kiosk and check out. They pay using their reloadable Market card, Biometric Finger Print, Credit/Debit cards, or cash. It’s as simple as that!
Having a Micro Market in your place of work is like having your own convenience store! Contact us to find out how to make your break room a better place for your employees.

Micro Mini Market

Have you been told that your workplace is too small for a Micro Market? We may be able to help. Stomel Services has come up with an innovative way to address a smaller office market, allowing your employees access to the delicious and healthy benefits of a traditional Micro Market. We’ve coined the term Mini Market. Call us and ask about getting a Micro or Mini Market in your workplace!