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Napkins & Paper Towels
TitleDescription Quantity
Brown Paper Towel RollsBrown paper towel rolls. Case of 12
C-Fold TowelsC-fold towels. Case of 2400
Kleenex Facial TissuesKleenex brand facial tissue box
Luncheon NapkinsLuncheon Napkins. 500/package. Case of 12
Paper Towels Bounty Grade Double RollsBounty grade doulbe roll paper towels. Case of 30
Paper Towels Medium GradeMedium grade paper towels. Case of 30
Toilet Paper2 ply toilet paper. Case of 96
Toilet Seat CoversToilet seat covers. Case of 3000

TitleDescription Quantity
Forks Bulk Packed Heavy WeightBulk forks heavy weight 1000ct
Forks Bulk Packed Medium WeightBulk forks medium weight 1000ct
Forks Heavy Weight (100ct)Heavy weight forks. 100ct. Order 10 for a case
Forks WrappedMedium weight individually wrapped forks. Case of 1000
Knives Bulk Packed Heavy WeightBulk knives heavy weight 1000ct
Knives Bulk Packed Medium WeightBulk knives medium weight 1000ct
Knives Heavy Weight (100ct)Heavy weight knives. 10 ct. Order 10 for a case
Knives WrappedMedium weight individually wrapped knives. Case of 1000
Spoons Bulk Packed Heavy WeightBulk spoons heavy weight 1000ct
Spoons Bulk Packed Medium WeightBulk spoons medium weight 1000ct
Spoons Heavy Weight (100ct)Heavy weight spoons. 100ct. Order 10 for a case
Spoons WrappedMedium weight individually wrapped spoons. Case of 1000

TitleDescription Quantity
9″ Paper Plates Heavy Duty9" heavy duty paper plates. Case of 500
Plates 6″6" plates. Case of 1000
Plates 9″9" plates. Case of 1000