Over 60% of your body is made up of water. Our point-of-use water systems are a great way to keep your employees happy, hydrated, and most importantly, healthy. We offer 5 gallon jug, as well a plumbed in water systems.

Bottle-less water coolers
Bottle-less water coolers are a sleek alternative to the 5 gallon bottle water coolers that many offices opt for. These point of use coolers are plumbed into you waterline to deliver refreshing water straight from the cooler. Bottle-less water coolers eliminate the hassle, expense, and environmental impact of constantly replacing 5 gallon bottles.

Filtration systems customized to your water needs
All water isn’t created equal. That’s why we offer custom water filtration systems to meet your company’s water needs. From basic filtration, to UV sanitation, let Stomel Services set you up with the filtration system best suited for you.

Bottled water coolers
Our bottled water coolers use Reverse Osmosis filtered 5 gallon bottles of water. This filtration uses a 6-step distillation process to purify our water to the highest quality standards. Enhanced with carefully selected minerals, our purified water has a crisp and refreshing taste everyone craves.

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